Resiliency Overview

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The Greater Muncy Area has a long history of flood events. In addition to flooding, the community is also exposed to the myriad of other challenges faced by many small communities across Pennsylvania. These challenges can range from economic to social in nature.

A resiliency plan works to address these challenges through a series of projects that will enhance the community by making it resistant to or able to more quickly recover from these challenging events.

Progress to Date

The Muncy Creek Planning Area recognized the need for the creation of a targeted, strategic-plan as part of the countywide Comprehensive Plan Update process. Because of this Lycoming County, Muncy Borough, and Muncy Creek Township are working to draft and implement a Resiliency Plan that will achieve the vision and mission of this project.


The plan will use previous plans, community input, past experiences, and data to identify methods for improving community resiliency.


It is the mission of this plan to see its recommended projects implemented and act as a living document, which is updated regularly with successes and lessons learned, as well as new opportunities.

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