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Welcome to the Greater Muncy Area Resiliency Plan Website

The goal of the Greater Muncy Resiliency Project is to make Muncy the most resilient town in Pennsylvania.

Dear Community,

Small towns and river towns all across PA are under the gun. Whether it is flood insurance, economic decay, aging infrastructure, or population drain, all of these communities are under stress. We have come to the realization that Muncy, as one of these communities, has but two options: accept our fate and hope for the best –or- face these problems head-on.

We have chosen to take action. Muncy Creek Township and Muncy Borough have joined Lycoming County to find the means to overcome our problems and set us on a path towards growth. To this end our partners at County Planning have been awarded a grant from DCED to produce a focused, strategic plan that targets these “stressors”, identifies feasible solutions, and finds possible funding sources for it. It is important to note that this plan is not being generated in an office in Harrisburg, but is a collaborative effort between Tetra Tech, Inc. (our planning consultant) and dozens and dozens of local contributors. This is OUR plan and it will reflect our concerns and our values.

We are nearing the end of the plan-writing process and have created several important partnerships within the state government. They have heard of our project in both Harrisburg and in Washington, and we plan to aggressively pursue funding for these projects on both the state and federal level.

This website will explain in great depth what has been done and what is planned for the future. We will try to keep it current. Comments, suggestions, and feedback are all welcome.

Thanks to all!

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