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Stakeholder Outreach

Engaging stakeholders within the GMA was one of the primary focuses of the planning process.  Because of this, Lycoming County created the Local Advisory Committee (LAC). The LAC was created to provide direct access to all of the key stakeholders and reduce the level of effort for coordination with the public.  The two main themes heard from all stakeholders where that here needs to be a focus on project implementation and that everyone, including the students in the Muncy School District, loves Muncy.

The Local Advisory Committee Members met 4-5 times during the project.  The LAC was asked to function as a liaison to the community, as well as key stakeholder groups; to provide data, information and ideas; to be a recommending body and not a decision maker; and to assist during the public meetings. View the Local Advisory Committee project contacts.

Town Hall Meetings

The LAC assisted in advertising the first of two Public Meetings held as part of the planning process.  Most of the LAC members attended the meeting and participated in discussions.  These meeting were used as an opportunity to present the general public with an overview of the Greater Muncy Resilience Plan.  Following this overview, a facilitated discussion was held on 5 Major topics.

  • Economic Development
    • Supporting a diversity of local businesses
    • Creating downtown anchors/draws
  • Quality of Life
    • Public realm amenities (sidewalks, trees etc.)
    • Recreation enhancements
    • “Placemaking”
  • Housing
    • Downtown mixed-use housing
    • Property maintenance and gateways
  • Flooding and NFIP
    • Stormwater management
    • Green infrastructure
    • Glade Run
  • The Corner of Main St. and Water St.
    • Short term and long-term re-use

Key Stakeholder Meetings and Outreach

Each of the LAC members assisted with scheduling and participating with in a variety of meetings with key stakeholders in the community. These meetings included the following:

  • First Responders for both Municipalities
  • Real Estate Agents in the immediate area
  • Muncy Business Association
  • School District and High School Students
  • UPMC – Muncy
  • West Branch Regional Authority
  • Muncy Borough
  • Muncy Creek Township
  • Muncy Water Authority
  • Muncy Historical Society
  • Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • Owner of Ritz Theatre

Additional stakeholder meetings where then scheduled as a result of information gathered by the LAC, planning research, planning discussions, project identification, and unforeseen natural events. These meetings included:

  • PennDOT
  • Post Summer of 2018 Flooding discussions
  • USACE:
  • Opera house and Ritz Theatre Redevelopment:
  • PA DEP and other State Agencies

All of the information collected during these discussions was incorporated into the goals and objectives section, existing conditions section and the proposed projects of the plan.

These key stakeholders and associated meetings were integral in the planning process. They played a key role in identifying potential projects, steps to implementation, funding, and in the identification of additional stakeholders.  This vested interest in the planning process will aid in the implementation of projects, potentially assisting with financial support, and increases public involvement and awareness of what resiliency means to the community.

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