Muncy Borough Outdoor Recreational Burning

Enacted December 19.1   2019

Recreational Wood Burning


Provided that the burning complies with applicable state statutes, regulations, or other local laws, the following types of open burning shall be permitted from the hour of six am (6:00 am) until the hour of midnight (12:00 am):

The burning of clean untreated wood in a commercially manufactured outdoor fire receptacle, commercially manufactured outdoor fireplace, or other reasonably safe outdoor fire receptacle or outdoor fireplace (burning barrels and ground fire pits are expressly prohibited) provided that:

The fire is wholly contained within the fire receptacle or fireplace.

The fire is covered by a screen to control the emission of ash & embers.

The fire is not within 15 feet of any combustible materials or adjacent property lines or dwellings.

No fire shall be set or maintained on any public road right-of-way or on any public property.

The fire is not unattended.

The fire is always attended by an individual eighteen (18) years or older who is not under the influence of drugs or alcohol or suffering from any other disability which would impair his or her ability to properly supervise a fire.

There shall be readily available a means of fire suppression as may be necessary to take control of the fire.

There is not more than one fire receptacle or fireplace located on the lot.

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