Muncy Borough


Notice of Public Meeting (2021)

The Council of Muncy Borough, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania,

hereby gives notice to the public of the following meeting schedule for

2021. Borough Council meetings will be the first Tuesday and third Thursday of the month at 7:00pm.

All meetings will take place at Muncy Area Volunteer Fire Company,

35 South Main Street, Muncy, PA 17756. Any change in date, time, or location will be advertised in advance.

If you are a person with a disability and wish to attend the meetings scheduled

and require an auxiliary aide, service or accommodations to participate in the

proceedings, please contact the Borough at (570) 546-3952 to discuss how Muncy

Borough may best accommodate your needs.


Prescription drug drop-off box available at the Borough office during business hours.

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 Muncy Borough Office: 570-546-3952

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Muncy  Fire  Dept.

35  South  Main  Street


Water Bills

Attention:  Muncy  Borough  Water  Customers

Please  use  Drop  Box  in  parking  lot,  or mail to:

 P.O. Box # 428, Muncy, PA 17756

Water Billing

Click above link for new water billing information as of October 1, 2020 

Click  Below for report.

Water Quality Report Muncy Boro 2019 CCR- Final MBMA



Recreational Burningword (1) use

Muncy Borough Outdoor Recreational Burning

Enacted December 19.1   2019


Provided that the burning complies with applicable state statutes, regulations, or other local laws, the following types of open burning shall be permitted from the hour of six am (6:00 am) until the hour of midnight (12:00 am):

The burning of clean untreated wood in a commercially manufactured outdoor fire receptacle, commercially manufactured outdoor fireplace, or other reasonably safe outdoor fire receptacle or outdoor fireplace (burning barrels and ground fire pits are expressly prohibited) provided that:

The fire is wholly contained within the fire receptacle or fireplace.

The fire is covered by a screen to control the emission of ash & embers.

The fire is not within 15 feet of any combustible materials or adjacent property lines or dwellings.

No fire shall be set or maintained on any public road right-of-way or on any public property.

The fire is not unattended.

The fire is always attended by an individual eighteen (18) years or older who is not under the influence of drugs or alcohol or suffering from any other disability which would impair his or her ability to properly supervise a fire.

There shall be readily available a means of fire suppression as may be necessary to take control of the fire.

There is not more than one fire receptacle or fireplace located on the lot.


Drinking Water Report ( 2018 ) ( CCR ) Consumer Confidence Report

Muncy  Borough  Municipal  Authority


2018 CCR Consumer Confidence Report Drinking Water Muncy Borough Municipal Authority








Council Minutes 1 January 07  2020

Council Minutes 2 January 16, 2020

Council Minutes 3 February 04 2020

Council Minutes 4 March 03 2020

Council Minutes 5 April 16 2020

Council Minutes 6 May 19 2020

Council Minutes 7 June 18 2020

Council Minutes 8 July 16 2020

Council Minutes 9 August 04 2020

Council Minutes 10 September 01 2020

Council Minutes 11 October 06 2020

Council Minutes 12 November 03 2020






Council Minutes 21 December 19, 2019

Council Minutes 20 December 03 , 2019

Council Minutes 19 November 21, 2019

Council Minutes 18 October 17, 2019

Council Minutes 17 OCTOBER 01 , 2019

Council Minutes 16 Sept 19, 2019

Council Minutes 15 Sept 03, 2019

Council Minutes 14 Aug 15, 2019

Council Minutes 13 Aug 06, 2019

Council Minutes 12 July 02 2019

Council Minutes 11 June 04 2019

Council Minutes 10 May 16 2019

Council Minutes 9 May 7 2019

Council Minutes 8 Apr. 18 2019

Council Minutes 7 April 2 2019

Council Minutes 6 Mar. 21, 2019

Council Minutes 5 Mar 5 2019

Council Minutes 4 Feb 21 2019

Council Minutes 3 Feb 5 2019

Council Minutes 2 Jan 24 2019

Council Minutes 1 Jan 8 2019


Council Minutes 12- 27- 2018

Council Minutes 12- 4 -2018

Council Minutes 11-27-2018

Council Minutes 10-18-2018

Council Minutes 9-20-2018

Council Minutes 09-04-2018

Council Minutes 08-16-2018

Council Minutes 07-10-2018

Council Minutes 06-05-2018

Council Minutes 05-01-2018

Council Minutes 04-19-2018

Council Minutes 04-03-2018

Council MInutes 03-15-2018

Council Minutes 03-06-2018

Council MInutes 02-15-2018

Council MInutes 02-06-2018

Council MInutes 01-18-2018

Council MInutes 01-02-2018


New Feature Added to Website

Muncy Borough has added a “Maps” page to the “Resources” menu bar at the top of the page.  This site will provide access to numerous maps related to items such as Zoning Districts, Historical Districts, Storm Water Management, Tax Parcels, and Flood Zones.  Click here to access the list of available maps.  In the future you may access the page by clicking on “Resouces” on the red main menu bar at the top of the page.  Click on “Maps” in the drop down menu.  The list of available maps will appear.  New maps will be added as they become available.


Located in beautiful Central Pennsylvania Muncy is an historic town nestled in the beautiful upper Susquehanna Valley. Muncy is located along the West Branch of the Susquehanna River in North Central Pennsylvania in Lycoming County. It was founded in 1797 and incorporated as a borough in 1826. The Borough Council along with its residents invite you to visit with us whenever you are able. We would enjoy meeting you! Click here for a slideshow presentation of Historic Muncy, Pennsylvania.


Muncy Borough Frequently Used Documents, Forms, Applications:
Construction Permit Application
Demolition of Property
Excavation Permit Application
Right to Know Request
Shade Tree Removal
Zoning Development/Permit Application
Application for Subdivision or Land Development

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Announcements   Click here for the Muncy Borough Floodplain Ordinance   Click below for 2018 Water Quality Report 2018 CCR Consumer Confidence Report Drinking Water Muncy Borough Municipal Authority  

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